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The last word in payments.

From point of sale to payroll, the Absopay platform transforms the way business owners transact with their customers and pay their staff.

Get more $

(and get it faster)

Merchants who use Absopay receive funds from their customers in real time: no more waiting days on end for your revenue.

  • Lower processing and acquiring fees
  • Reduced chargebacks
  • Improve your business’ cash flow and profitability

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Our API makes it easy to integrate with your app or ecommerce platform. The secure Absopay debit card and app work with your point of sale, shopping cart, ApplePay, GooglePay and more.




Customers love Absopay’s

flexible pay-in and pay-out options





Painless Paydays

Merchants who use Absopay to pay their employees in real time save both time and money. 

  • No more paper checks
  • No trips to the bank
  • Instant funding makes for happier workers
  • Automated commission payments

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